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The delivery and extra options or modifications are always established in a discussion between Verwegen Engineering and the customer.

We attempt to deliver the trimming boxes within 2 working weeks. Contact us for current the delivery time. Any extra options can de added during a discussion, think about the following option:

  • Remote control for 4 functions (front door, single, lifting, back door)
  • Extra grinding machine supports
  • Cabinets for storing the trimming tools
  • Small container for keeping the glue warm
  • Winch for loading or unloading the box or pulling the cow into the box


Trimming chute and accessoires

Standard trimming chute

Fully hydraulic trimming box. Suitable for dairy farmers and claw trimmers. All 4 legs are lifted and supported simultaneously. All 12 functions are operated hydraulically.

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  • Fork cases for forklift trucks
  • Lifting height till 60 cm
  • Anti-slip mat made of rubber, 10cm
  • 2 wide belly singles
  • 3x LED lamp
  • Rotable tools holder
  • Rotable high voltage power current conductor
  • 3x power socket 230V
  • Silent oil pump
  • Galvanized steel
  • Lasered and strengthened frame
  • Total weight of 920 kg

€ 19.600,00

Extension options

Set of wheels

Set of wheels for manually use, also height adjustable for low passages.

€ 850,00


€ 3500,00

Extendable drift fences

Drift fences on the box, this frame slides out of the frame of the trimming box. Because of this the drift fences can be easily transported with the trimming box. By means of a locking system the drift fence can be located on the correct distance with respect to the trimming box. One fence will close of the left side of the trimming box.  The other fence will fold against the back door when it is opened. With hydraulic closing of the back door, the door will close automatically.

€ 850,00

Aluminium fences

lightweight fences

€ 4000,00

Width-adjustable front gate that can be opened to the front

Allows to manually adjust the width of the door

€ 1120,00

Move the leg support valve hydraulically

This allows the flaps to support the claw to be adjustable

€ 1950,00

Movable winch

Movable winch to load or unload the box. Can also be pulled over objects. In addition, cows can also be winched into the box.

€ 950,00

Linking frame

The linking frame is meant for creating a trap cage in combination with the single drift fences.

€ 270,00

Single drift fences

Single drift fences with a length 2 meters.

€ 220,00

Support leg

Support leg for supporting the last drift fence.

€ 105,00

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