Optimaal gemak voor de bekapper

Hoof Trimming Chute TYPE II

The box is equipped with a catch door, so the cow gets stuck without the trimmer having to do anything.

You can lower a double fixation bracket from above, this bracket is equipped with a gas spring that ensures that the cow feels completely fixed. There is an extra w bracket on it to support his calf, and thus prevents kick movements

By means of a lift to a maximum height of 30 centimetres, the cow is brought to an ideal working height. This also means that the cow’s legs do not have to be pulled up as high, which is beneficial for animal welfare.

The front leg supports are made of plastic, so it is not a problem if you hit them once with the machete or hoof grinding wheel.

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The following functions can all be moved hydraulically

  • Open the front door and put it in the catch position
  • Double fixation bracket that folds behind the cow
  • Girth
  • Lift to a maximum height of 30cm
  • 1x leg winch for the hind legs
  • 2x hydraulic motor for winching the front legs

All this is powered by a quiet compact unit that runs on a three phase 3kw motor

In consultation it is also possible to run on 230v, but then the chute will be a bit slower.

Optimaal gemak voor de bekapper

Optimaal gemak voor de bekapper


The chute can be fitted with an attachment fence set, which can be slid into the chute during transport. These fences close both sides, as well as a fence behind the hoof trimmer.

It is possible to build an infinitely long safety barrier on the extension fence set. For this purpose, fences of 2 meters and coupling frames have been developed. This concerns the same fences as you can also order with the type 1 chute

A manual wheel set can be used for transporting the chute.

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The trimming box of Verwegen Engineering in action.

Our Trimming chute in action

The video shows our trimming box in action. The video also shows that our key points (Comfort & innovation) are basis for this hydraulic trimming box.

The trimming-time per cow can be reduced by a trimming box of Verwegen Engineering. For every box we give training and explanation on how to use the box.

For question about the content of the technique or feedback, you can directly make contact with the technical specialist who made your box.

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