Verwegen hoof trimming chutes

The trimming boxes of Verwegen Engineering are mainly designed from ergonomically perspective.

Comfort for the user

  • 4 legs of the cow simultaneously lifted to random working height to a maximum of 130 centimeters
  • All functions are fully hydraulic
  • To be kicked during trimming is not possible
  • Easy to transport over small distances with the extension option for wheels

It is possible to trim safely and simultaneously with multiple persons.


By using the latest hydraulic components and only where needed electrical components as standard, the trimming box is less complex, more efficient and light weighted. By using this we can deliver boxes with the key values: simple, reliable and affordable.

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Standard trimming box extended with wheels option

Price, delivery and service

The aim is to deliver the boxes within two working weeks. You can always contact us for the actual delivery time.

The standard trimming box can be extended with some options like:

  • A remote control on the front door, belly single, lifting and back door.
  • Grinding machine holders on random places or second rotatable tools holder
  • Cabinets for storing the trimming tools
  • Small container for keeping the glue warm
  • Winch for loading or unloading the box or pulling the cow into the box

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