Confort for the user

The trimming boxes of Verwegen Engineering are made for comfort of the user


Innovative & Efficient

Our trimming boxes are distinctive due to the high speed of use


Service of specialist

At Verwegen Engineering you have directly contact and service from the technical designer of the trimming boxes.

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Optimal comfort for the user

Confort for the user

Our trimming boxes are fully driven hydraulically and are for both the user and cow very ergonomically. Other specifications:

  • The box is equipped with a catching door, this allows the cow to adopt its own position without any operation of the user
  • The cow is carried by two wide belly singles, because of this all four legs of the cow can be lifted and trimmed simultaneously. This reduces the trim-time per cow significantly.
  • In lifted position, the support plate for every hoof can be unfolded hydraulically. This will fixate the hoof maximally. Without this support, the hoof is fully clear for treatment of infection.
  • The legs are fully fixated in a frame. It is not possible for the cow to move its leg freely, because of this the user cannot be kicked by the cow.

Due to these design specifications it is possible to work safely and simultaneously with multiple persons  on the trimming box.

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Innovative & Efficient

The trimming box is designed with a 3D-CAD program in combination with the latest production methods.

  • The frame is cut via a 3D plate/tube laser machine. Every component is specifically made for the location by unique hole-cam connection, with a maximum deviation of 0,1mm. Besides that, the hole-cam connection ensures a stronger frame.
  • By using the latest hydraulic components and minimum amount of electrical components, the trimming box is less complex, more efficient in production and usage and even lighter. By using this we can deliver boxes with the key values: simple, reliable and affordable.
  • Feel free to look for other hydraulic trimming boxes, we are convinced that you will not find one with so many specifications for this price.
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  • Fork cases for forklift trucks
  • Lifting height till 60 cm
  • Anti-slip mat made of rubber, 10cm
  • 2 wide belly singles
  • 3x LED lamp
  • Rotable tools holder
  • Rotable high voltage power current conductor
  • 3x power socket 230V
  • Silent oil pump
  • Galvanized steel
  • Lasered and strengthened frame
  • Total weight of 920 kg
Extension options:
  • Several drift fences
  • Set of wheels
  • Extension on request
Verwegen klauwbekapbox koe

Strong, innovative, light weighted and easy to transport

The trimming box of Verwegen Engineering in action

Our Trimming chute in action

The video shows our trimming box in action. The video also shows that our key points (Comfort & innovation) are basis for this hydraulic trimming box.

The trimming-time per cow can be reduced by a trimming box of Verwegen Engineering. For every box we give training and explanation on how to use the box.

For question about the content of the technique or feedback, you can directly make contact with the technical specialist who made your box.

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