The hoof trimming chute is designed using a 3D-CAD program in combination with the latest production methods.

  • For example, the frame is cut by a 3D tube laser/plate laser machine. Each part is positioned by a unique hole cam connection, with a maximum deviation of only 0.1mm. In addition, the hole cam connection provides a many times stronger frame.
  • By using the most modern hydraulic and minimal electrical components, the chute is less complex, more efficient in production and use and even lighter. This allows us to deliver a chute with the core values: simple, reliable, affordable.
  • Feel free to search for other hydraulic hoof trimming chutes, we are convinced that you will not find one with so many specifications for this price!
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  • Spoon cases
  • Up to 60cm lift height
  • Rubber anti-slip mat 10mm
  • 2 wide belly girths
  • 3x LED work light
  • Rotating tool holder
  • Rotatable power conductor
  • 3x 230v socket
  • Silent oil pump
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Glassed and Reinforced Frame
  • Total weight of 920KG
Expansion options:
  • Various drift fences
  • Wheel set
  • Extension(s) on request

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