About Verwegen Trimming chutes

At the moment Verwegen trimming is sole proprietorship founded by Stef Verwegen. We are making modern hydraulic boxes which have leading position in the market and offer like no other box the comfort and benefit for the user.

With an annual production of 25 boxes, sufficient experience and feedback is obtained for a solid sustainable product that is sold worldwide. Verwegen Engineering is always open for suggestions or modifications to the boxes. We deliver boxes with accumulators for businesses with 380V AC. Boxes for non-European countries are equipped with 60Hz motors. Other additions can be discussed.

About Stef Verwegen

When I was 14 years old, I started working at a local farm with approximately 180 dairy cows. As the only external employer I assisted with all daily activities, including claw care. At the time, the farmer used a outdated box. The process was time consuming, but very important for a good milk production. Financially a more expensive luxury box was not affordable, therefore I set my goal to produce a box that is more attractive to be bought for users. From this point of view, I designed my first box with only the necessary components without endangering the safety for people and animal.

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Stef Verwegen with one of the first hoof trimming chutes

 Stef Verwegen:

I gained practical skills by growing up with technique in a small village and by achieving my secondary vocational education (MBO) certificate. After this I gained theoretical knowledge by achieving my higher professional educaton (HBO) certificate at the Avans in ‘s Hertogenbosch. During the design process, I constantly had interaction with the suppliers, users and trimmers to develop a product that is as optimal as possible in price, quality and safety.

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